PPC (Pay Per Click) and paid advertising doesn’t need to seem daunting, complicated and pricey, and it doesn’t need to completely blow your marketing budget for the month. Fear not, Digital Boutique have managed countless PPC campaigns and we have gathered together six top tips to help you maximise your ad spend and increase conversion on your next campaign.


Lookalike Advertising

After you have made your different seeds, you can use lookalikes. This is a feature that helps you reach more people that you haven’t targeted before, based on similar interests to your current targeted audience. This is a feature available on both Google, Facebook and more and it is an effective tool to leverage when reaching new groups.

And best of all, it isn’t rocket science. Simply make a custom audience campaign based on previous campaign clickers and then create a similar audience based on your segment that you are targeting and then target this audience across all channels. Easy!

Geolocation Advertisements

Google’s geolocation setting enable you to only display advertisements to certain locations or set a specific radiant from your store. Location ads are often not utilised when setting paid campaigns with many marketers not using the feature.

Top tip: when setting your geolocation ad, ensure that it is set to the correct operating hours of your business, especially if you are advertising products sold in a traditional store.

Use Google Extensions

The next is a great tip if you are trying to maximise your spend without blowing your budget on your campaign. Using extensions can make your ads far more appealing, eye catching and most importantly, clickable.

What extensions should I be using?

Call extensions – using a call extension will allow you to pull in a company phone number in to your text ad. Therefore, when a user is browsing on mobile, they can call you straight away without the hassle of trailing through your site for a number.


Location extension – adding a location extension will allow you to add an address with a link to a Google map within your add. If you are a traditional physical store, then you should be adding this to your ad right now.

Site Link Extensions – Site Link extensions will enable you to promote more landing pages underneath your advertisement text. This will dramatically help you to stand out against competitors with additional information and choice for users.

Identify New Keywords

A highly effective method when you are sticking to your PPC budget is to use completely new keywords. You should also look at using new long tail keywords. Look at keywords where there is less competition, they are less expensive but they will bring highly targeted customers to your site.

Mobile Targeting

With mobile browsing taking over desktop, your ads need to be optimised for mobile. Even users who convert on a laptop or tablet may well have began the purchase journey on mobile.

Make sure you take a look at your bids after you have set your device targeting settings, as bids are increasing with added mobile competition so make sure that you are not blowing your budget on high bids.

Always remember that you can set a campaign maximum, make sure you take control of your spend and don’t go over on your mobile clicks.

Remarketing is easy for you to set up and is one of the most effective ways of saving money on paid advertising. The beauty of remarketing is targeting users that are already interested in you, they already want your products so it’s time to target them and recover those sales. Remember remarketing works across Google and Paid Social. Like your other ad settings, all you need to know is how to do it and it isn’t rocket science.

Remarketing how to:

Simply log in to your audience manager, and click the option “visitors of a page who did not visit another page”. The first URL there will be your shopping cart page, potentially one of your checkout pages. Then all you need to do is put some content together and target your abandoners with products to reel them back in.
Finally, don’t just use Google advertisements when you are looking at creating a new campaign. Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest and Snapchat are all waiting too.

Want to know more about paid advertising, PPC or Google Shopping? Contact us, and we’d be happy to share our expertise with you!