In 2015, having won the Premier League, Leicester City Football Club were facing legacy technology problems and determined to move away from their Football League Interactive (FLi) platform in order to provide a truly immersive and modern brand experience for their fans. Digital Boutique was invited onboard as part of the club’s complete digital transformation, which encompassed a new website, new e-commerce platform, new ticketing platform, new CRM and business intelligence platform, and new POS system in the club shop.

Research & Planning

Whilst we were pitching we had to manage all the different stakeholders within lcfc Marketing, merchandising, product, finance

Met all the stakeholders and had calls

Deliver on time was a key factor

Interconnected between all their other parties - warehouse management, epos system in store, business intelegence plaform, single sign on.

Jamie Taybourn - LCFC

Single sign on was very important - one account

Competitor analysis, football clubs best in class. Looked at retailers that are doing similar types of products. Their customers were expecting the same type of digital experience as the leading retailers.


At the core of Leicester’s vision was a seamless user experience, whether the user was shopping online or in-store, purchasing tickets, checking match fixtures, or customising their very own kit.

The timeline was tight - the new site needed to be launched alongside the 2017/18 kits, leaving a mere 3 and a half months for the entire transformation project. This timeframe would include the UX strategy, design, build, and implementation of complex integrations with 3rd parties, and bespoke customisations including a “Kit Builder” for personalised shirts.

It was also crucial to provide the club with a holistic picture of fan behaviour - the ability to track how the fans purchased from the e-commerce and ticketing sites, in addition to how they would move around the fixtures site, and even make purchases within the stadium shop. This would give the club the ability to provide their fans with even more value by opening up the opportunities for advanced customer segmentation.


The seamless customer journey was implemented via the Single Sign On service - an integration to a 3rd party business intelligence platform which meant that fans could use one unified account to access the ticketing platform, the e-commerce store, and the fixture sites. The visual brand was maintained across all 3 sites, with the consistency between the digital ecosphere and the physical stadium.

Google Tag Management was leveraged to make Google Analytics to work harder and smarter, and provide the club with a deeper insight into their fan base. Unifying the analytics across the sites into a single customer view allowed the club to maximise the efficacy of their marketing and communications campaigns, and truly understand the behaviour of their multiple customer segments. This kind of targeted, informed communications with fans has clear benefits to both user and club.

One of the highlights of our bespoke customisations is “Kit Builder”, which brings the personalised experience and excitement of personalising your own kit to the comfort of your digital screen. Behind it’s intuitive, stylish, and gamified interface lies customised logic that allows a user to personalise their shirt name, shirt number, and shirt badges, all whilst seeing a visual representation of their shirt changing in real time on their screen.

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