16 January 2019admin

Ecommerce in the Sport’s Industry

Introduction From our Digital Boutique offices in London and Edinburgh, we would like to introduce our brand new weekly newsletter, which aims to boost your knowledge in ecommerce trends, and actionable tips designed to make your ecommerce business better, along … Read More
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10 January 2019admin

Football Ecommerce: how to deliver a cutting-edge shopping experience across digital devices

Europe’s leading football clubs have been ramping up their retail game over the past few years. As commercialisation and internationalisation of football continues to grow, football clubs need to compete against the likes of large scale Ecommerce retailers. A global … Read More
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10 December 2018admin

How to optimize your checkout to reduce cart abandonment and improve conversion rate

In 2018, the cart abandonment rate in the UK for all Ecommerce orders was 74.6%. The frustration of shoppers abandoning their carts affects businesses large and small. Out of all the visitors that come to your online store, some are … Read More
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21 November 2018admin

Choosing the right ads for you: PPC

PPC (Pay Per Click) and paid advertising doesn’t need to seem daunting, complicated and pricey, and it doesn’t need to completely blow your marketing budget for the month. Fear not, Digital Boutique have managed countless PPC campaigns and we have … Read More
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10 November 2018admin

M1 end of life. What does this mean for you?

Since its release in 2015, Magento 2 has proved to be a huge improvement over its predecessor, Magento 1 in many ways. How will it affect my site? The end of life of Magento 1 means no more updates, and … Read More
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13 February 2017admin

Magento 2: The Right Time to Move?

When so many retailers are considering upgrading their eCommerce solutions from Magento 1 or re-platforming, we are being asked more and more, ‘is it the right time to migrate to Magento 2?’As a Magento-focused agency, it may seem that we … Read More
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