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8 ecommerce resources you should know about

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Monday, December 2, 2019

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There are more ecommerce resources out there than even the most dedicated ecommerce manager can consume in a lifetime. We’ve got your back. Here’s our list of the top ten resources for e-commerce managers so you can get all the information you need for a fraction of the effort.

1. Adobe Business Blog

As Magento specialists, the official Adobe blog is something we like to keep a close eye on. It covers best practices, customer stories, the marketplace and, of course, news and information on upcoming events.

2. Practical Ecommerce

A screenshot of Practical Ecommerce showing a featured article titled 'Fundamentals of Ecommerce Marketing for 2020'.

Practical Ecommerce has smart, fresh content that will keep you informed on topics such as Amazon, analytics, CRO, management, marketing, SEO and shipping. They also have regular commentary from industry experts and high-quality downloadable content. Definitely one to follow on your social channels.

3. 'Everything You Need to Know About Ecommerce Marketing' – HubSpot Blog

A screenshot of Hubspot's 'Everything You Need to Know About Ecommerce Marketing' blog post.

This is an excellent blog post by HubSpot, the marketing and CRM software specialists. It covers everything from social media and blogging to reviews, referrals and chatbots.

4. Ecom Chat on Twitter

A screenshot of Ecom Chat on Twitter

For the past 7 years, industry gurus James Gurd and Dan Barker have hosted #ecomchat on Twitter – a dedicated hour every Monday for like-minded ecommerce professionals to get involved in the latest issues and topics. Each week features a themed question such as ‘how do you prepare for Black Friday’ or ‘what impact will AI and machine learning have on ecommerce’. Getting involved is a chance to enhance your knowledge and make some new networking connections.

5. InternetRetailing LinkedIn Group

A screenshot of the Internet Retailing LinkedIn group showing that it has 51,560 members.

OK, we know Linkedin groups can sometimes be less than engaging. But the pick of the litter is this one from InternetRetailing. It has more than 50,000 members so if you have some interesting content to share, this could be a useful resource. Posts are informative with plenty of tips and tricks from like-minded industry professionals.

6. Cranberry Panda

A screenshot of the header and job search bar on Cranberry Panda's homepage.,

Looking to build your team? Or looking for a new challenge yourself? Either way, check out Cranberry Panda: a dedicated site for ecommerce and digital marketing roles. There are hundreds of other job boards out there but Cranberry Panda is one of the best.

7. IDM – eCommerce Strategy Course

A screenshot of the IDM course page for eCommerce Strategy.

IDM is a Digital Boutique favourite. This particular course is great for anyone who wants to brush up their ecommerce skill-set. You’ll learn about ecommerce strategy and the omnichannel customer. There's also a module on user-centred design and UX. 

8. The Ultimate List of 130 Ecommerce Influencers

A screenshot of Growcode's list of influencers blog post.

There are many excellent places to get content, but sometimes it’s nice to have someone to do the legwork for you.  Growcode is that someone – with an awesome list of ecommerce influencers for you to follow. Expect people like Neil Patel, Jay Baer, Larry Kim & Dave Chaffey.  We consider them to be best of breed, and we hope you enjoy them too.

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