Scottish Enterprise has collaborated with Digital Boutique, to bring a platform selection Masterclass on Shopify vs Magento.

These two platforms dominate Ecommerce for established organisations, startups and leading Ecommerce retailers all over the world.

This workshop is for any companies:

  • Replatforming over the next 12 months.
  • Deepening their knowledge of what Shopify and Magento offer.
  • Potentially investing in the wrong platform.

After the workshop, you will have a much greater understanding of the capabilities and suitability of Shopify, Shopify Plus, Magento, and Magento Commerce and which platform is best for your companies online future.

Enabling you to move faster, reduce risk and achieve greater success with the Ecommerce platform aligned to your business goals and outcomes.

Uncover the true cost of ownership over 3 years Crystallise the Pros and Cons of each platform for the following features and business case:

  • Why you should start your decision-making process with Shopify or Magento over, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, SAP Hybris, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Oracle ATG, IBM Websphere, Vtex, Elastic Path and Shopware.
  • We will unpack the critical differences between Magento and Shopify.
  • Review time to market
  • Design and Frontend Development: Theme vs Bespoke approach
  • Internationalisation Business to Business
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered Search and Product Recommendations
  • CMS Page Builder (Content management)
  • Stock Management & Fulfilment
  • Enterprise Ecommerce Solution: Magento Commerce vs Shopify Plus
Date: 15th October 2020
Duration: 90 mins. 

Cost: Complementary

How to Apply: Email Gary Landa, [email protected] and we will send you full details.