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See you at Ecommerce Expo (We’ll be on Stand E22)

Digital Boutique
2 minutes
Friday, September 23, 2022

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Like much of the rest of the ecommerce world, we’re planning, prepping and anticipating one of the biggest industry events in our calendar: eCommerce Expo.

The biggest in-person ecommerce event in Europe, the Expo at London ExCeL brings together retailers, agencies and tech providers to explore the latest in online retail. 

With a cross-section of the industry in one place, eCommerce Expo is a prime opportunity to find the people to solve your challenges. If you’re looking for an agency that can deliver certainty no matter how complex your ecommerce requirements, we’d love to set up a meeting – we’ll be on Stand E22.

As well as exhibiting, we’re delighted to be joining the schedule of industry leaders taking to the stage to share our knowledge and perspective. Join us for From pitch to checkout: Delivering winning fan experiences on Thursday 29 Sept at 10am.

Joining us on stage will be Darren Lawson from Tottenham Hotspur and Tony Jackson from Celtic, sharing how they’re winning at ecom with their respective clubs despite challenges such as managing a large digital estate, extreme (and sometimes unpredictable) peaks and complex customisation options. 

For football clubs, world-class on the pitch must translate to world-class online. Our VIP sports panel will reveal the industry-defining lessons clubs have learned on their journey to fan-focused commerce:

  • Overcoming the cost and complexity of delivering personalised products and experiences
  • Adapting to new markets and going beyond geo-targeting
  • Using data to increase satisfaction, retention, and lifetime value
  • Planning for the future and building organisational agility

Join us at 10am on Thursday 29th September in the Keynote Theatre for From pitch to checkout: Delivering winning fan experiences.

Reserve your place

If you haven’t got your Expo tickets yet, there’s still time (and they’re free):  

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