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Monday, October 31, 2022
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We're Hiring: GoLang Developer

2 minutes

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This position has now been filled.

Job type: Full-time, Permanent | Working pattern: Mon-Fri, 40 hrs per week | Salary: Competitive Location: Edinburgh

About us

We’re a leading ecommerce agency that creates and supports online stores for some of the world’s biggest brands, including Heineken, Boots, Leicester City Football Club and Novuna.

About the role

As GoLang developer at Digital Boutique, your expertise will directly shape development projects and you’ll have the freedom to achieve what you want in the way you want. Working on projects for world-leading brands, you’ll create ecommerce applications that transform how consumers and businesses around the world experience online retail.

Your responsibilities

You will assist across 2 parts of our business:

  • Architecting integrations for leading fintechs
  • Microservices headless ecommerce project work

Your day-to-day tasks will include:

  • Develop, deploy, and support Cloud infrastructure as code artefacts or modules
  • Design and support resiliency and scalability using AWS and GCP platforms
  • Support and deliver using continuous integration/continuous delivery pipelines
  • Enable systems with automated monitoring and alerting
  • Support the team and customers with day-to-day requests, and change/incident tickets
  • Support technology stack refresh on systems (end-to-end) when required
  • Ensure automated security is built into each technology stack
  • Understand and respond to emerging requirements and ambiguous technology decisions
  • Install and maintain (upgrade/patch underlying infrastructure)

About you

You’ll be a talented GoLang developer, confident critical thinker and effective decision-maker. You will approach challenges with energy and methodically work towards impactful solutions using a collaborative approach and continuous learning mindset.


  • A degree in computer science or a related subject (or equivalent education/experience)
  • Two years’ GoLang experience

Nice to haves:

  • GCP / AWS / Azure certifications

Interview process

You will be required to complete a code test and interview.

Application questions

Please answer the following questions in your application:

  • Do you have experience with Global load balancer with mTLS support & OpenAPI?
  • Do you have experience with Spanner?
  • Do you have experience adding IAM to be used in CloudRun?
  • Are you a resident in the UK or EU?

Interested? Send your CV and a cover letter that includes your salary expectations to


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