Swiss Re


Swiss Re approached Digital Boutique to provide a world-class journey for a white label solution launching in the B2B space. Swiss Re is a leader in wholesale reinsurance, insurance and risk transfer solutions. Based in Zurich, Switzerland and operating multinationally they are the world’s second-largest reinsurer with an annual turnover of $35.7 billion.

Digital Boutique provided a solution that covers both the online and callcentre journey, placing the customer at the heart of each and challenging the ‘norm’ within what is usually considered a very traditional market.

Digital Boutique brought their digital expertise to the table and conducted detailed research of the marketplace. With the customer in mind digital boutique redesigned the user experience to create something that was satisfying for both client and customer.

“Technology enables us to simplify the way a policy is sold, and it helps to drive down the distribution costs associated with purchasing a policy”
– Chief Marketing Officer iptiQ EMEA L&H Marco Kamerling


Digital Boutique collaborated with a cross-functional team to rapidly deliver a world-class customer journey that was focused on the needs of German consumers.

The Challenge

A key challenge in Germany in particular was a very poor online take-up of insurance products, with many customers preferring to use an intermediary. Digital Boutique’s challenge was therefore to not only educate potential customers but to give the end user the confidence to continue and purchase online with what is a complex process.

The insurance sector has been known to fall behind in leadership in digital innovation, with asurvey by Willis Tower Watson identifying that 74% of people felt this, therefore our aim was to built a robust and powerful platform for iptiQ to thrive on.

Using digital technology should make purchasing insurance effortless and smooth, however nine out of ten insurers state that attempting to create the infrastructure and platform needed is arduous and challenging.

The process began with service design and discovery workshops to define the objectives and project ambitions while setting the project blueprint. The project was delivered over three months by Digital Boutique and included leads from research, business analysis, technical,solution architects, user experience (UX) and design.

The first challenge started with Digital Boutique getting under the skin of the Swiss Re proposition and the business objectives behind it. This phase included in-depth business analysis of the product itself, the proposed technical platform, plus overall industry and market trends. With such a heavily regulated product, Digital Boutique managed a complex matrix of stakeholders across the Swiss Re business that included compliance, legal, technology, marketing and underwriting.

Our challenge was to ensure that each area of the business validated and approved each key deliverable so establishing close relationships with them from the start laid the foundations for successful delivery.



To make everyone’s live a little easier, every day. Swiss Re created a brand that was committed to protecting more people and their families by making life insurance easier and more engaging.

  • Insight Driven
  • Multi-Channel Experience
  • Robust Products
  • Innovative Technology
  • Human Brand


Digital Boutique took into consideration the German target market and behaviour, to design an easy-to-use process flow across all touch points. Our approach was very much to transform and optimise the traditional user journey to empower customers, providing information as and when they require it, whilst maintaining an incredibly simple interface without overwhelming the user.

Buying insurance has always been a lengthy process, and it was time to move to a platform that allows insurers to make use of data and analytics to determine risk and develop insurance products.


  • Intuitive customer experience that is easy and clear
  • Convenient options that compel people to act
  • Reduces process abandonment

Following sign-off of the process maps, we entered into a period of intense UX workshops. In these we included the core team from the project, including Swiss Re leads for the project. That allowed us to conduct rapid prototyping to arrive at robust end solution for each scenario we worked through.

The prototypes were then fully tested by customers and non-customers, this validation process then fuelled new change and this iterative approach prior to visual design allowed our teams to design without waste.


  • Seamless across Mobile, Tablet & Desktop
  • Integrated Call Center
  • Engaging Live Chat & Callback
  • Contact anytime with email

Ultimately, our key deliverable was to deliver a package that Swiss Re could take straight to build, which included overall UX strategy for the solution, process maps, detailed wires that included functional specifications and the end-to-end visual design.

The Swiss Re Journey

IptiQ was launched. A platform for digitally-savvy customers who are willing to buy insurance online was created and they were provided with a straightforward digital experience. Purchasing insurance can be a long and daunting process for many, which is why iptiQ was developer to allow insurers to make use of analytics to make purchasing insurance easier.


  • Get covered in under 20 minutes
  • Quick quote in under 1 minute
  • Reduced question set by 20%

In the health sector, insurers from Europe and the US are partnering with iptiQ, because it a completely unique platform by which insurers can make customised products to sell to consumers.

To date, over 65,000 policies have been created on the iptiQ platform, which was launched four years ago. The amount of data from a multitude of policies running through iptiQ makes the platform all the more capable and impressive.