Premier League Football Club.

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A conversion-winning site for a Champions League team

We partnered with one of world's top ten football clubs to create a world-class ecom experience. This stand-out site handles personalisation as skilfully as it does high traffic and, within weeks of its launch, powered the club’s most successful kit launch ever.

What we did

  • 6 orders a second
  • 9,000 concurrent visits with no loss of performance
  • Auto-scaling
  • Live stock information
  • Globalisation
  • Single sign-on
  • E-vouchers


  • Orders: +20%
  • Page speed: +53%
  • Bounce rate: -22%
  • Server costs: -50%

How we did it

With its existing Magento 1 site approaching end-of-life, this Club needed a partner that could manage a large transformation project at pace. One that could give them complete confidence that the work wouldn’t jeopardise the site's status as an established revenue driver for the club.

As we pride ourselves on delivering certainty across all kinds of projects, we were quick to take up the challenge.

A project this ambitious usually takes the best part of a year. Thanks to our honed-over-a-decade process and willingness to push ourselves beyond our comfort zone, we turned it around significantly faster.

The completed site combines bespoke elements to reflect the best of the brand in a new, more intuitive experience that’s connected across all channels.

Complex product customisation

A single shirt listing has hundreds of potential customisation options with strict rules around which elements can be combined. This takes shirt listings beyond what any out-of-the-box customisation solution can handle.

We unlocked the power of customisation for the club by creating a React Kit Builder App. This provides an intuitive journey through the complex customisation options, while logic in the backend ensures every combination is within club and competition rules. As with any successful interface, this complexity is entirely hidden from fans, who can order their shirt exactly as they want it in seconds.

International appeal

The site earns international trust and confidence by providing an engaging experience to each of the Club’s millions of fans around the globe.

Geolocation capabilities prompt non-UK visitors to view a localised version of the site – including content translated into one of ten widely-spoken languages and fraud-protected transactions processed in the local currency.

Hundreds of global delivery and return options are filtered to show only territory-specific delivery information and timings, complete with duty and tax information and the option to prepay.

The result is a site that customers can feel confident converting on, wherever they are in the world.

Headless admin panel. Lower admin costs.

The club's ecommerce team was missing out on opportunities because the existing site's admin workflows made it impossible to react quickly enough. Recognising the difference a more agile approach would make, we took the radical step of creating a custom headless admin. This has allowed the club to bring ecommerce processes back in-house, and launch entire product ranges in minutes.

The DB view

“It’s been a privilege to represent this prestigious club and to deliver an unmatched shopping experience to its millions of fans.”


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