A smoother B2B ordering system

International beer brand, Heineken, wanted to persuade more of its business customers to order online. To succeed, it needed to refine a complicated B2B purchasing process, enhance a fragmented ecommerce experience and manage complex logistics. We collaborated with the Heineken UK team to deliver everything from comprehensive design systems to finished experience.

What we did

  • Multiple visual languages and design systems that respect all project needs, devices and best practice
  • 15 missions (and counting)
  • 189 screens
  • AAA-CAG rated accessibility


  • We added the CX layer and ecommerce intelligence to this Heineken B2B project, supporting multiple sprint teams and driving the rapid adoption of online ordering.

How we did it

Our approach focused on eliminating confusion and friction in the buying process to raise conversions and increase revenue. The new B2B experience gives Heineken’s business customers the information they need, exactly when they need it, in a simple interface that avoids overwhelming the customer or complicating the customer journey.

Designed for growth

The application has helped Heineken continue to dominate its domain. Its success has been twofold; encouraging more existing customers to order online and attracting new customers from competitors.

Fast-tracked, flexible, and scalable

The end-to-end journey required numerous screens and micro-interactions. By defining and designing these at the outset, we ensured our development workflow was as streamlined and effective as possible. Our process included a mix of on-site workshops, remote sessions and virtual feedback – all of which informed ongoing iterations.

Making the most of existing systems

The timescales of this project required us to innovate within the limits of Heineken’s existing ecommerce platform, SAP Hybris 1905. We paid careful attention to the balance between customer experience and platform functionality to deliver an exceptional framework that could be rapidly developed.

Heineken's new B2B user experience on desktop

Always a Step ahead

Future state options include possibilities for customising Hybris beyond its out-of-the-box functionality. These road-mapped enhancements will be developed as part of a wider project to extend the platform’s integration and customisation capabilities.

Ready to get more of your B2B customers ordering online?

Heineken's new B2B user experience on mobile
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