Leicester City Football Club.

A site worthy of champions

Shortly after Leicester City Football Club won the Premier League, the club approached us to create an interconnected solution that could meet fans’ heightened expectations. The project has since evolved into a continuing partnership spanning five years, and counting.

What we did

  • UX strategy
  • Personalisation module
  • Omnichannel experience
  • Single sign-on
  • Google Tag Manager setup


  • +130% sales
  • +65% conversions
  • +300% AOV

How we did it

We delivered a world-class ecommerce experience; a fitting representation of one of the most exciting and best-loved brands in the Premier League.

75% of site users browse on mobile devices so a mobile-first strategy was essential. Our designs incorporated the needs and constraints of mobile consumers to create a top-tier user experience across all channels.

Complex customisation

Shirt customisation is a pillar of football club retail. Translating this to an online store may sound simple but the number of variables involved – colour, number, name, font and patches – puts it far beyond what any platform can handle out of the box.

One experience, many channels

The club now offers fans a connected experience with the convenience of signing in once across the LCFC estate. The omnichannel experience includes rewards, Click and Collect, gift cards, and Account login.

For the club, the site offers a single, global view of each fan plus real-time stock visibility and management.

We set up Google Tag Manager to track traffic across all four LCFC subdomains without any user duplication. This lets the club see cross-platform activity, as well as specially-configured goals and funnels that track the customer's journey across the entire digital estate. This is supported by custom reports that deliver insights tailored to the club’s needs.

Custom development

To deliver the polished experience LCFC had in mind, we created a custom kit builder application. On the backend, complex logic sets incorporate all of the required variables and restrict forbidden combinations. On the frontend, customers can explore possible options with ease, while an Instant visualisation of their product helps them convert with confidence.

Leicester City Football Club's new ecommerce experience on desktop
"We love collaboration – it challenges us to think differently. Our experience of collaborating with LCFC, Seven League, Seat Geek, PCS and Pulse Live has been one of togetherness and harmony, with us all working to deliver against a single objective in the interest of the club. It has been an incredibly satisfying journey."

Gary Landa, Digital Boutique Chief Digital Director

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