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Turning heritage into online success

Leading luggage, bag and accessories retailer, Antler, boasts a global customer base and over a century of heritage. We helped them redevelop their website and global logistics network to lay the foundations for a successful digital future.

As a manufacturer, wholesaler and retailer, an integrated solution was essential.

What we did

  • End to end UX strategy
  • Visual language, direction and design
  • Magento development
  • ERP integration with IBM  (AS400) ERP system 
  • Multiple branded stores 
  • Multiple custom integrations and features
  • Globalisation 
  • Custom headless App development (luggage finder)


  • + 300% sales
  • + SERP visibility including a  50% increase in organic traffic
  • 98% increase in global traffic
  • 3x faster page load speeds
  • - 34% bounce rate

How we did it

Antler's existing site was in a bad state of repair with an unstable ecommerce system.

We first needed to understand what we were dealing with. A full web application audit and comprehensive code review allowed us to devise an effective strategy for long-term success.

This started with rapid improvements to ensure the online store could continue with business as usual. We then worked in partnership with the infrastructure team to engineer a solid hosting solution – built with redundancy and capable of supporting the growing brand.

Personalisation and globalisation

Just like the brand's luggage, Antler's website now offers a frictionless experience everywhere.

Using GeoIP to identify a customer's location, it serves up a localised experience including delivery information and payment gateway. On the backend, logistics and ERP integrations make international commerce look easy.

AS400 ERP integration

Antler's ERP system is AS400 – a solution that's reliable, stable and doesn't break. It also doesn't have an API, so its integration presents bigger challenges than most. To further add to the complexity, Antler has multiple instances of the ERP system in different locations.

We leveraged a bridge to communicate between AS400 and Magento. This connector translates the requirements of AS400 into a format that the website understands and vice versa. This also extends the functionality of the AS400 environment. For example, it has its own rules engine, and this can be used to control or customise the way orders are processed.

The cabin luggage finder

A core need of Antler's customers is the ability to find a cabin bag that's allowed on their flight. We created a custom tool that lets users search by airline, so they can shop with total confidence. Following the tool's success, we created an app version for use by blogs and affiliate websites. This provided Antler website with backlinks, referral traffic and additional sales.

Antler's new website on desktop

"Our five-year relationship with Antler has been a rewarding one. We always focus on creating long-term success for our clients and we're delighted that it's been what we've been able to achieve for this leading brand."

Gary Landa, Digital Boutique Chief Digital Director

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