Floris London.

Turning Scent into a Digital Sensation

Perfumer to the British Royal Family, Floris London is the epitome of elegance. But even with these credentials, selling perfume on a platform that can’t convey scent is… a challenge. We designed innovative new ways to build an emotional connection with visitors and allow them to experience the fragrances online and off.

What we did

  • Replatformed to Magento Enterprise
  • Full re-design and development
  • Global multi-store, multi-currency ecommerce solution
  • Sage200 integration (ERP, stock, order, products and bespoke customisations)
  • Automated Merchandising
  • Mobile-first modern frontend UI


  • Close collaboration between the Digital Boutique and Floris teams ensured project efficiency and a successful result.

How we did it

Our biggest challenge was bringing fragrances to life online, where no one can smell them.

We incorporated a mix of creative approaches – from personal shopper to an AI-driven sample programme. These were supported by colour-coded fragrance families, aspirational video and photography, evocative copy and a sophisticated drop-down navigation and search.

Heritage through design

To weave Floris London's rich heritage through every aspect of the site, we analysed consumer and stakeholder research to understand every nuance of the brand experience. Only then did we create the designs, which now convey the quiet sophistication and effortless luxury that Floris London customers so love.

"Digital Boutique have supported and directed our growing ecommerce journey.”

Alex Oprey, Floris London Marketing Manager

Made to be Multichannel

As a multi-channel retailer, combined data, clear stock visibility and exceptional customer experiences across all channels were fundamental. Our technical team analysed requirements and implemented a system that ensures maximum efficacy and efficiency across all touchpoints.

Desktop screens from Floris London’s new digital experience.

The DB View

“We were honoured to work with one of the most respected and established fragrance brands in the world and are delighted to continue to work with the team on optimising the website.”


Looking for a disruptive way to sell your product online?

Mobile screens from Floris London’s new digital experience.
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