Boots – Sleek MakeUP.

An eCommerce Makeover for Beauty Brands

Over a four-and-a-half-year relationship, we provided technical support to Boots during the acquisition of several of its product brands, including Sleek MakeUP. Connecting each brand to the company-wide inventory and logistics systems, we making sure the acquired companies' web infrastructure, application and data systems were up to Boots’ stringent standards.

What we did

  • User experience (UX) optimisation
  • Data and security consultancy
  • Basket abandonment design
  • Digital marketing
  • 24/7 maintenance


  • 124% increase in conversion
  • 8% increase in (AOV) Average Order Value
  • 40% increase in cross-border commerce
  • 157% increase revenue
  • Double-digit growth (year on year)

How we did it

The existing Sleek MakeUP site was underperforming in both performance and aesthetics – and, as a result, failing to communicate the brand's forward-thinking perspective and deep understanding of catwalk trends and predictions.

We worked together with Boots' team to give the brand the site it deserved.

Technical Support

We worked closely with the brand team to understand the tech behind each brand's current site and integrate this into Boots’ core web infrastructure. This involved analysis of:

• Architecture
• End-to-end process flow
• Integrations
• Technology

Live Maintenance

The biggest challenge: making sure we didn't disrupt shoppers while we made UX and performance improvements to the site. A global commerce offering like Boots has few quiet times so automated testing and deployments were fundamental to deploying code with confidence.

Data Consultancy

Sleek's legacy data systems were inadequate for the purposes of a global brand such as Boots. We worked to align the company with Boots’ stringent digital standards, mitigating the risk of data breach or misuse and ensuring compliance with data laws.

Sleek MakeUp's digital ecommerce experience on desktop

Need to turn a boutique site into an ecommerce powerhouse?

Sleek MakeUp eyeshadow compacts arranged artistically
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