A global, yet personal, shopping experience

Cosmetics industry leader and firm celebrity favourite, Rodial, hoped to build on in-store success and engage a growing global fan base. We joined forces with the in-house team to develop an ecommerce experience that broadens the brand's international appeal while delivering a highly personalised experience to every visitor.

What we did

  • User Experience and visual design
  • Magento Enterprise build
  • Global store strategy
  • Video hub tutorials showing how to maintain the site’s look and feel‍
  • Custom checkout, integrations and features


  • "A great mix of personable attitudes and high skill sets made Digital Boutique an absolute pleasure to work with. They really became a part of my team, which was wonderful. They helped develop, not only the site but team members all round. Thank you and well done!"

    Julia Adams, eCommerce Manager, Rodial

How we did it

We immersed ourselves in the brand's values, purpose and proposition to develop the in-depth understanding that allowed us to deliver this project in just four months.

Personalised experiences

Rodial’s customers all covet perfect skin. But the route to a flawless complexion looks different for each person – and so the site needed to look different for each visitor as well.

We achieved this with personalised experiences that show each customer the most relevant products and advice for their skin type.

Compelling content

A clean and simple interface, informative product descriptions and user-generated content make it easy for Rodial's customers to explore the range and buy the best products for their needs.

Video tutorials, blogs and social posts further engage this high-end brand's discerning clientele by inspiring, educating and entertaining, while also creating a clear route to purchase.

Smart search

People who search are more likely to buy – but only if they can find what they're looking for.

We used data restructuring and attribute optimisation to maximise the number of successful searches. We also made it easier for consumers to refine search results and discover the products most relevant to their needs.

Rodial's new online experience on desktop
"By taking the time to understand the consumer's hopes, needs and concerns, we were able to create an engaging, yet suitably clinical, site and an effortless digital experience. Working with great brands that share our aspiration to develop a meaningful online experience is one of the reasons we set up Digital Boutique. We worked well together to deliver a beautiful website that we can all be proud of.”

Gary Landa, Managing Director, Digital Boutique

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