In January 2015, Rodial turned to digital boutique, seeking an engaging and content-driven eCommerce experience, built on the Magento Enterprise platform. Groundbreaking innovation and revolutionary ingredients make high-performance skincare brand Rodial a cosmetics industry leader. Emulating their success digitally would require a skilled team dedicated to work in close collaboration.

Founded in 1999 by Maria Hatzistefanis, Rodial was designed to bridge a gap in the market for high performance skincare, offering targeted, resultsdriven treatments. Their high tech, cutting-edge products now enjoy an extensive celebrity following and are available in more than 2000 stores, across 35 countries.

To build on that success, the team at Rodial wanted to boost online sales and to connect with their growing fan base in a more engaging and inspiring way. In order to achieve that desire they would require an eCommerce solution that not only linked with global markets, but also meshed with each customer's specific requirements. That meant providing personalised content, pricing, currency, tax and delivery options, along with a focused search function to allow customers, no matter who or where they are, to shop effortlessly online.


Creating that degree of individual user experience was key. Rodial’s customers covet perfect skin, however, as everyone is subtly different, it's essential to find the right products to suit each customer’s particular needs. The data restructuring and attribute optimisation digital boutique developed made it easy for consumers to quickly refine all search results, only showing relevant products, based on their specific needs.

The project's key aims:
• Boost online sales through flawless UX strategy and fully responsive global stores
• Introduce a new product category structure with strong filter options, providing users with the most-relevant search results
• Improve online brand impact, functionality and merchandising
• Turn consumer-generated content into brand assets

Through understanding the end-consumer's concerns, objectives and ultimate requirements, the digital boutique team of creative, technical and scientific minds were able to create a brand-new, clinical yet engaging and effortless digital experience.

With the elementary objective to increase sales, this had to be done in a way that benefited, informed and entertained the consumer. Brand content was aligned throughout the site, using a distinct strategy of product promotion. Video tutorials, the blog and social content was also fully integrated with this strategy to allow consumers to follow a clear route through to purchase.


digital boutique collaborated strongly with the Rodial eCommerce team throughout the project, drilling down on the brand's values, core purpose and product proposition. The result was a clear vision of purpose that helped deliver the project within a six-month time frame.

Included in the project's many facets and features were:

• Magento Audit of existing eCommerce solution
• Improving the existing Magento environment
• Redevelopment of global stores
• UX strategy, creative process and design collaboration
• Responsive design – for desktop, tablet and mobile
• Product data restructuring and implementation
• Conversion optimisation strategy
• Magento Enterprise upgrade
• ERP (SAP) feasibility and integration analysis
• Social platform integration with Olapic
• Merchandising optimisation
• Guest 'Wishlist' functionality
• Bespoke checkout
• Content-rich interactive ranges landing pages
• Rodial video hub tutorials illustrating how to create and buy the look digital boutique are excited and honoured to have worked strategically to plan and build the new Rodial website.

"A great mix of personable attitudes and high skill sets made Digital Boutique an absolute pleasure to work with. They really became apart of my team, which was wonderful. They helped develop, not only the site, but team members all round. Thank you and well done!"
Julia Adams, eCommerce Manager, Rodial

"Working with great brands that have the same aspiration to develop a meaningful online experience to that of our team is one of the reasons we set up digital boutique. So, together we worked well to deliver a beautiful website that we can all be proud of.”
Gary Landa, Managing Director, digital boutique

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